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Swimming Pool Design & Installation in NJ

Scott Payne Custom Pools can handle everything from outdoor living to custom pools create your dream oasis.

Make a Splash with Our Professional Swimming Pool Design and Installation Services in NJ

Gain the insider’s advantage when you partner with our pros at Scott Payne Custom Pools! Ranked among the top swimming pool and patio contractors in New Jersey, our family pool company continues to deliver excellence in every detail. Proudly offering a leading lineup of inground pool styles, numerous patio improvement options, and a breathtaking selection of finishing touches, we are the go-to contractors for stunning backyards that have it all.

The only limitation to our custom pool, stamped concrete, and other outdoor living improvements? Your imagination and yard size. For a better inground pool installation, we can elevate the project with soothing water features, and a spacious layout, and incorporate advanced water care technologies for maintenance and cleaning simplified.

Even for compact backyards or budget-conscious inground pool installations, we have an ample selection of affordable swimming pool styles. Growing in popularity, many of our latest pool installations in Wildwood, NJ feature our modern fiberglass pool models.

However we can best respect your goals and optimize the build around your preferences, you’ll find that lean sourcing, adaptable designs, and precision workmanship guides our service model.

Our fiberglass pool installations come with several built-in benefits:

  • Superior gel coatings prevent many common surface issues
  • Ultra-smooth fiberglass naturally resists algae, mildew, and dirt accumulation
  • 50+ years of longevity when properly maintained
  • Our pre-built fiberglass shells are built offsite, delivered, and installed in less time; this is a major advantage if you’re hoping to enjoy your pool sooner!
  • Fiberglass pools provide upfront savings and reduced maintenance costs/time compared to many other custom options. The only cheaper option is vinyl liner pools, but these pool types involve more frequent follow-up care and diminishing value retention.

These advantageous properties only skim the surface of our pools’ multipurpose potential. All of our built-to-last fiberglass and customized inground styles can be further refined with a range of personalized, luxurious, and useful elements for your home in NJ.

Pair Your New Pool With a Spacious Pool House

Our adaptable designers, engineers, and construction pros never back from a complex and creative challenge. While finalizing the perfect touches for your pool and spa, allow our pros to help you upgrade the rest of your outdoor space!

Known for our on-theme pool houses, patios, decks, and even sports courts, we encourage you to tell us about your every wish. Even if you think you only have enough in the budget for a swimming pool, our well-connected contractors can often incorporate more than you think. We also offer our clients accessible financing and can manage pool renovation and outdoor living improvements in increments as your budget allows.

Before committing to anything, we also make it easier to preview the perfect finish with our insightful design platform. All pool houses, custom-stamped concrete pool decks, sports courts, and patio features can be brought to life in our 3D studio. While collaborating with our design experts, we can help you visualize an array of great backyard ideas, like:

  • Multiple material choices for all patio, pool house, and fencing features
  • Budget-friendly options to create a luxurious look while spending less
  • More custom swimming pool additions to maximize your quality of life outside
  • Expert recommendations to transform your deck or swimming pool with respect for your specific needs and desires

We Build Stamped Concrete Patios & Decks

As your go-to contractor for all things pool design and beyond, feel free to contact our adaptable crew in NJ for other niche improvement ideas. For example, perhaps you already love your swimming pool, but you need a fresh patio sealing, pergola, or lounge area for your yard. We are here to accommodate and help you optimize your space in any way that it needs!

Like our adaptive pool designs, all stamped concrete, patio, sport court, and outdoor kitchen additions come with our open-ended collaboration. We can bring your other outdoor ideas to life with:

  • Colorful tiles for the spa
  • Hand-placed bricks and stones for the walkway
  • Modern outdoor kitchen appliances
  • Beautiful stamped concrete patterns accentuate pool deck safety and style
  • Vibrant landscape lighting and sound systems brighten the ambiance



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